​​Fold'em Shotgun Target

​​Jerk Butt System (JBS)

Exceptional high definition decoys made of a Deek-FLEX -- collapsible, extremely lightweight material that holds its form and detail. 1/2 the weight of traditional decoys....easy to carry and deploy.  Extremely quiet...DeekFLEX has natural sound absorbing quality.   Decoys carved by award-winning carver and ornithologist Steven Fland...deadly accurate detail.   Light & Lethal...the names says it all. 

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Fold'em Shotgun Target has rings at 30" and 20" to assist in shogun patterning. The duck image is a life size mallard with an accurately placed vital area. Good clean kills come from good pattern management. Without proper patterning work you never really know how your gun-shot-choke combination is performing. Our patterning target give you all the information you need to determine if you have the right combination of hunting components (shells, gun, choke) to get the job done. 



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​​FlxSHOT is a unique reloading system for shotguns designed to allow users the ability to reload and change shell selection in "less than a second".  Using patent pending Shell-LocTM  technology, shotgun hunters can adjust their shell selection quickly and safely while keeping their target in their field of view.  Reloading and adjusting to hunting conditions has never been easier and safer.  FlxSHOT for tactical applications will be available shortly.  FlxSHOT uses patent pending magnetic Shell-Loc technology to securely hold shells in place until needed for reloading or changing conditions.  

​​Light & Lethal


Jerk cords are effective but take a lot of motion to activate and are difficult to set up.  Spinners are great and attract birds but can flare waterfowl if not set up properly.  To put more birds in your bag, you need effective action in your decoys to get weary birds to commit.  JERK BUTT SYSTEM (JBS) is your answer. With patent pending Easy-Jerk (TM) technology nothing is simpler to set up and use.  Economical, no batteries required and, most importantly...deadly effective.