JBS consists of:

- Bullet proof foam duck butt decoy

- 1.5 lb  grappling anchor to secure your              system in place in all conditions

- A jerk cord with jerk handle

Patent pending Easy-Jerk (TM) pulley system

- A rugged gear sack to hold the entire system 

- Available in Drake and Hen 



Jerk cords are effective but take a lot of motion to activate and are difficult to set up.  Spinners are great and attract birds but can flare waterfowl if not set up properly.  To put more birds in your bag, you need effective action in your decoys to get weary birds to commit.  JERK BUTT SYSTEM (JBS) is your answer.  With patent pending Easy-Jerk (TM) technology nothing is simpler to set up and use.  Economical, no batteries required and, most importantly...deadly effective.  

TheJERK BUTT SYSTEM (JBS) is designed for easy action with virtually no set up.  Toss system to desired location and gently jerk the cord for duck killing action all day long.  With the Easy-Jerk (TM) technology JBS sets up  and creates action with virtually no effort.  When done, simply pack up the entire kit and put it in your decoy bag.  Every Jerk Butt System comes with a rugged storage sack that protects your JBS no matter what abuse you dish out.  And, it will fit perfectly in your slotted decoy bag or other decoy bag without damage.

Jerk Butt System (JBS)

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Gear for the Hunt...Gear for the Adventure

JBS fits perfectly in your decoy bag.

2. Deploy the anchor...

1. Remove JBS from the sack... 

4. Jerk cord for duck killing action

3. Toss to desired location...