Fold'em Pattern Target

You need to pattern you gun to be successful in the field.  Our target is designed by professionals to give you all the data you need.

We're hunters and adventure seekers just like you.  Our gear is designed to enhance your hunting experience.  Good gear doesn't make it off our design tables.  Great innovative gear is all we'll pursue.  

We have one goal:  To make the most innovative gear available to enhance your hunts.  Great gear to bring your hunting adventure to the next's that simple.  

Hunting is not just an activity, it's your passion.  Each hunt is an adventure you relish.  Your time is valuable, so maximizing your experience is always a  goal.  Your gear compliments your hunts and enhances your experiences.    

Our Mission 

Our Products

Light & Lethal

1/2 the weight of other decoys, with incredible detail.  Made with Deek-FLEX material - light, collapsible and exceptional detail.   All the performance out of a heavy plastic decoy in a collapsible.  Game changer. 

We understand your passion.

​Gear for the Hunt...Gear for the Adventure

Our products

Gear for the Hunt...Gear for the Adventure

Jerk Butt System

Lethal motion, no batteries and simple set-up with EASY JERK technology.  Pull it out, toss it, and hunt's that easy...and birds love it.

Your Hunts

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"Reload in less than a second".  Quickly reload and change shell selction.  Uses SHELL-LOC technology. 20 & 12 gauge, all lengths.

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